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Tasty, Fruitful

The history of centuries-old trees and olives, from soil to nature, from branch to table.

35 Years of Experience

In 1977, Birel Zeytincilik was founded by Halil Birel and his son Bülent Birel in Orhangazi district of Bursa province of Turkey. The company changed its name to Meridyen Gıda in 1996. Moved from Orhangazi to Akhisar district of Manisa, Meridyen Gıda has been maintaining its production since 1998.

In Akhisar, Meridyen Gıda founded its first factory in Bekirler village in 1999 and a decade later, established the second factory in the Zeytinliova highway.

Taking the quality olive and olive production as its principle, Meridyen Gıda continues its activity with Birolive and Bülent Birel brands after 35 years of experience in the business.

Closely following the changes in the sector and technology, Meridyen Gıda aims to offer the best quality olive and olive oil to its customers by increasing the company's production capacity.

Meridyen Gıda has maintained its development by leaping forward in export.

Making quality olive and olive oil production in our modern facilities with the latest technology, adopting health and hygiene as a principle.

Contributing to the progress of olive and olive oil sector and maximizing the customer satisfaction thanks to our products created by being innovative, modern and open for improvement.

Happiness with Golden Yellow

Birolive Olive Oil is obtained from carefully selected first quality fruits in a way that it leaves the light taste of the real fruit on the tongue.

Combining Technology with Health

Our priority is your health. All the production is made in accordance with hygiene standards.

Photos of Our Production Facility

Cooked with

Our purpose is to present and serve the most delicious and the healthiest foods. In this journey with olives, we would like to make a "guidebook" that tells the miraculousness of olive and olive oil.

Taste in
Every Drop!

Delicious recipes, useful cooking tips, health care and more.


With high-quality olive and olive oil, Bülent Birel includes the tastes of the Mediterranean and the Aegean, and the company offers its "Birolive" branded products to domestic and foreign markets.

Birolive follows the trends in different parts of the world thanks to its huge market share and experience, and uses this understanding in retail and industrial marketing.

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  • (HEAD) Zeytinliova Yolu Üzeri 5. km Akhisar / Manisa
  • tel. 0 236 438 21 00 (pbx) - fax. 0 236 438 22 00
  • (BRANCH) Mega Center Gıda Sitesi C 48 Blok No:19/B Bayrampaşa / İstanbul
  • tel. 0 0 212 640 45 16